France EV-2


Welcome to the EV-2 French group. Students will arrive Saturday, July 8, 2023 at  Dulles International Airport for a THREE-WEEK STAY, and EV-12 will join them in leaving from DULLES on Friday, July 28, 2023.

Below are small vignettes about each student. We have a 4-6 page dossier on each student which includes a letter they have written to their host family, sometimes a teacher recommendation, full disclosure of their interests and activities, and pictures. If you see one or more students that you might be interested in hosting or knowing more information about, please let us know by filling out an Application so that we can help you choose the student that best fits your family’s lifestyle. Please note that filling out an application does not obligate you to host. Or if you’d prefer, feel free to Contact us with any questions you might have.

As a helpful guide, students are rated on their proficiency in English. The four choices are:

Easily        Very well      With difficulty      With a lot of difficulty

Even a student who is labeled “with a lot of difficulty” has the basic skills needed to function in a family, has more English language skills than most American students have after three years of foreign language study, and you will be surprised at the fluency that has developed in that student after 3 weeks. Remember, Europeans begin studying their first foreign language anywhere from 3rd -6th grade, second language in 7th-8th grade, and if they choose a third, it begins in 9th or 10th.

Also, students are often quite open to joining their host sibling in summer camps. You just have to be able to get them in, somehow, once they apply since they’re usually signing up pretty late. But, if your own teen is attending a camp, students are often fine being in the host family experiencing normal American life and waiting patiently until the teen returns.

Frieda – age 17

Frieda is from Tours and travels with her brother Charlie. She likes tennis, soccer, basketball and horseback riding . Frieda likes drawing, painting, dance and cooking. She also likes music and plays the piano. Her favorite subjects at school are French, English, art and sports. Her main hobby is ice skating, which she practices three times a week.

Charlie – age 15

Charlie lives in Tours with his family. He has one older sister and a younger brother.  He is excited about his first trip to the US.  He likes swimming, art and going to museums. He also likes music and plays the saxophone in the conservatory in Tours. His favorite subjects are history and music.

Clara – age 15

Clara  lives in Versailles, near Paris. She likes basketball, tennis, gymnastics and horseback riding.  She also likes movies, concerts and going to museums. She thinks she would like to be an interior designer someday.  She likes animals but doesn't have any pets at home because her dad has allergies.  Clara would really like to have a family with a girl around her age.

Louise – age 15

Louise is from the north of France with her parents and 3 older brothers.  She really is into soccer and coaches a team of 7-8 year olds.  Also plays tennis.  She has visited the US with her parents and thought NYC was amazing. Louise also likes painting, concerts and movies. She is a bit allergic to cats and dogs (and dust) but would be OK if they were not in her bedroom.  She will have medicine with her.

Leonie – age 16

As you can see Leonie likes cats, and dogs. She lives in Paris with her parents and brother - age 12. She studied dance for 10 years but switched to study krav maga - a defensive sport. But she doesn't practice other sports much and prefers going to the theater and museums.  She loves to read and write. Maybe even become a writer in the future. One of her dreams is to live in Italy with a golden retriever.