02 Nov

C. P. Springfield, VA

“We were SO hesitant to begin hosting. We really wanted to experience another culture through foreign students, but we had sons and a daughter and didn’t want to introduce more teen hormones into the mix. Eventually (like after 3 years) we finally went ahead and started with a boy since our oldest children were sons. Wow! We should have done it earlier! We’ve gone on to host every summer for the last 8 years, both boys and girls, and have had a great experience each time! We’ve even had both French and Spanish students together. The students and our children always saw each other as siblings, which put our original fears to rest. Plus, because of the French and Spanish siblings my children now have, they have French and Spanish homes overseas (some of which they’ve visited). The students were polite, open, helpful, thankful, and wonderful! Thanks so much for introducing us to this incredible opportunity! ”